The Reason Why

by Grant Henry

I am often asked why I choose to teach kids yoga instead of leading adults. More times than not, I will reply with the simplest answer — because I love it. However, the reason why goes much deeper than those three words. Last week, I was reminded about the impact that my work has on young children and it was truly remarkable.

Over the past month, we‘ve had a two-year-old boy who has been attending our Yogi Tales class on a weekly basis. He is a very quiet child and when in class, he rarely tries any of the poses and does not typically sing along with the music. However, it was obvious from the first time that we met, that he was very interested in our class. I was a quiet child myself and I know too well that feeling of stranger and peer anxiety.

His grandfather told Evan (my business partner) and I that his grandson absolutely loved our class. He said that ever since the first class, his grandson would go around their home singing the original songs and demonstrating all of the yoga poses that he learned. He didn’t understand why he would freeze once class started and I told him not to worry. We designed Yogi Tales for children to have a long-lasting learning experience and not just a short and immediate reaction. I told him that he was showcasing exactly what we strive for, as we want our students to go home and truly be excited about what they learn from us.

I told him that when his grandson finally felt comfortable, he would participate in class the same way he does at home.

Three days later, his grandson came to a different location for our class and was the only child in attendance. The anxiety dissipated and we saw the side of him that we had heard so much about from his grandfather. He was singing the words to all of the songs, getting into poses before we even demonstrated, and was as active a participant as any child could be in our class.

It was remarkable to see.

Further, it showed us that even though we are climbing a mountain to make Yogi Tales the premiere kids yoga and music program in the world, we get these little glimpses of the impact we are making on young children.

This is one of the reasons why I teach kids yoga.

And this is one of the reasons why I know that this child is the first of millions of young children whose lives we can positively impact with our program.