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Alone at the Line

Let me tell you a story… it’s about a kid who loved basketball more than anything in the world.

If he wasn’t playing basketball, he was talking about basketball — if he wasn’t talking about basketball, he was watching basketball — if he wasn’t watching basketball, he was trading basketball cards — if he wasn’t… I think you get the idea.

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I Am a Man. And I Teach Kids Yoga.

I am a man.  And I teach kids yoga.

No, that is not a misprint.  No, this is not the only teaching job that I could get.  I teach yoga to young children because I see how this practice can affect even the earliest of students from infancy on.  There are endless literature and studies that show just how much yoga can impact the gross motor and fine motor skills of a younger participant.  Instructors and educators all over the world are aware of how important the mind/body connection can be as a child begins to move through preschool to elementary school and beyond.  This is why programs dedicated to kids yoga have grown drastically over the past couple of years regardless of socio-economic status or demographic.

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